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The Lodi Village Electric Power Utility has served power needs within Lodi and the surrounding communities since 1943. In 2017 1,802 customers were served (residential, commercial, and large service users), consuming a total of 42,369,753 kilovolts (kV). Electric power rates charged to customers in all rate classes are historically among the lowest in the region.

The Village takes its service from Ohio Edison at 69,000 volts at the Village’s Eaken Substation which is located next to Village’s electric line department on South Railroad Street. From Eaken Substation two 69 kilovolt (kV) circuit breakers deliver power over transmission lines to East and Shultz Substations. 69kV transmission lines then leave each of those substations and complete the Village’s 69kV loop at Krause Substation. The Village’s distribution system is comprised of 4.16kV and 12.47kV distribution voltages with a peak load of 8.53 Mega-Watts (MW).  Power is modified for distribution to customers at the four substations .

Some future modernization and sustainability projects include:

  • Installation of remotely read meters for automated billing has been completed for all customers.
  • All village street lighting is now equipped with LED heads for economy and extended service life.
  • A phased transformer and switchgear modernization program is in place for all Village owned equipment.
  • Aging 69kv lines and poles between Schultz and Krause Substations are scheduled for replacement.
  • Electric department service equipment fleet is kept well maintained and state of the art.
  • A generator for peak power cost impact moderation (“peak shaving”) and emergency power to Lodi General Hospital is located near the Village wastewater treatment plant.
  • A solar array project is in preliminary planning stages for future peak shaving and system sustainability effort.
  • Proactive incentivized employee training and safety equipment purchase plans are in place.

The Village of Lodi is a member of American Municipal Power (AMP), a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates electric facilities with the purpose of providing generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members. The Village maintains a balanced and sustainable power supply portfolio of projects and wholesale power purchase agreements through AMP and other entities that serve to minimize electric costs over the long term. An Electric Utility Cash Reserve Policy was established by ordinance in 2017 for the purpose of improving overall credit scoring of the Village as an AMP member.

The Village is poised to meet the current and future demand for electric power by residential, commercial and industrial customers for decades to come.

Electrical Foreman
Jeff Cool

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