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The Village of Lodi Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is an Activated Sludge plant with a design capacity flow of 0.800 million gallons per day (MGD) with available Equalization (EQ) Basins with an approximate additional volume of 150,000 gallons. The current flow being treated is 0.400 MGD. The plant has four Aeration Tanks, two Clarifiers, two Tertiary Filters, two UV Disinfection Units, and two Aerobic Digesters. Solids are handled with a one meter Sludge Filter Belt Press, and then hauled to a landfill. The plant effluent is discharged into the East Fork of the East Branch of the Black River. Septage is accepted at the Lodi WWTP.

The present facility was constructed in 2001 at a cost of 8 million dollars. It is located at the end of Grandview Drive and discharges into the East Fork Tributary of the Black River. The plant is capable of biologically treating the wastes from a population equivalent of 6,000. The average design flow was 510,000 GPD after the 1993 expansion. The plant normally operates at 97% efficiency in the reduction of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and 95% efficiency in the removal of suspended solids.

Sanitary wastewater collection system features include:

  • 93,006 feet of sewer lines.
  • 317 manholes.
  • Four lift stations are at the following locations:
    1. Bank Street
    2. West Drive
    3. 83 South
    4. Redfield Street

All water customers are sanitary sewer customers and are billed based upon metered water use.

Sewer Foreman
Christie Britt

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