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The Village of Lodi water distribution system is supplied by a well field and treatment plant located in the south central portion of the Village. The capacity of the supply facilities at present is 900,000 gallons per day total with individual pump capacities of 500, 500, 390 and 500 gallons per minute. The distribution system is divided into two service or pressure levels. Water required for the low level system is supplied by the well field and treatment plant, the Bank Street water tower and the Kennard Road ground tank. Water required for the high level system is supplied by two booster pump stations and the Highland water tower. The plant design capacity allows for a fifty percent expansion with the addition of wells. The storage water that provides system pressure is in two elevated tanks and one ground storage tank totaling 750,000 gallons. Water is distributed to customers through a main piping network consisting of four-inch to eight-inch lines.


Water Foreman

Jeff Miller

Tank 3

Location: Highland Dr. near Oakwood Dr.
Capacity: 150,000 gal.
Installation: 2003
Level: High

Tank 2

Location: Kennard Rd. near Vandemark Rd.
Capacity: 500,000 gal.
Installation: 1999
Level: Low

Tank 1

Location: Bank St. East of School Bus Barn
Capacity: 100,000 gal.
Installation: 1934
Level: Low

Number of Water Customers

Average Gallons per Day

Water distribution system features include

  • Booster pumps at the Kennard and Redfield locations provide service to fill the Highland tank and balance pressure through the entire system
  • Mains = 106,060 feet (20.1 miles), 4-inch mains (Underserved) = 17,500 feet (3.3 miles) Laterals= 25,400 feet (4.8 miles) Underserved areas (4-inch mains) will receive priority in service upgrades to ensure adequate fire flows with anticipated population and economic growth.
  • Valve count on mains and laterals: 518 total.
  • Hydrant count: 214 total.
  • Water is sold to local haulers at the plant as self-service using pre-paid tokens.  Water tokens are available for purchase through the Village/Clerk Treasurers office.
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