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The Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five (5) members:  mayor; One (1) member of the Lodi Council; elected thereby for the remainder of his/her term as a member of the Village of Lodi Council; Three (3) citizens of the Village of Lodi appointed by the mayor for terms of four (4) years.

Powers and Duties of the Planning Commission

To review, adopt and recommend to the Village Lodi Council:

  • Plans for physical development/redevelopment of the Village.
  • Plans and maps for dividing the Village into zones or districts.
  • Site Plans for development of property within the Village.
  • Proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

Powers and Duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals

Shall hear appeals by any person aggrieved by any action of the Zoning Inspector and determine whether an exception or a variance to the zoning code can be granted.  Has the authority to grant relief from strict application of the zoning code when conditions of undue hardship or practical difficulty can be demonstrated. ZBA cases are considered on an individual basis in the context of the zoning and neighborhood character.

Planning Commission/BZA Members

  • John Palko
  • Joseph Gorglione
  • Josie Gardner
  • Robert Geissman
  • Pam Barta (Zoning Secretary)


Jean Houston
(330)421-4934 phone
(330)948-2040 office

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