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The Lodi BPA was established about 1912 to manage the Lodi Waterworks with the earliest recorded permits issued in 1915. It was restructured in 1967, to conform to Ohio Revised Code Section 735.28. It includes three elected trustees and the Village Clerk/Treasurer. The BPA has certain powers and duties relating to village utility services. The Utilities Superintendent is hired by the Board and maintains a close reporting relationship.

Lodi Village owns and maintains water, sanitary sewer, electric and storm sewer systems. The BPA establishes rates for all systems except sanitary sewer, for which rates are set by Village Council based on BPA recommendation. The BPA bills customers monthly for utility services listed above and trash collection. The BPA meets twice per month and as advertised. Meetings are open to public participation. BPA members share duties of the Shade Tree Commission with one member of the Village Council.

The BPA has oversight and review authority and establishes rates for attachments to Village-owned utility poles as well as other installations in public rights-of-way, and negotiates the terms of a lease for a cell tower situated on Village property.

BPA principles applied to all utilities

  • The Health and Safety of the general public, utility customers and Village employees is of the highest priority in all operations.
  • All operations shall be performed so as to minimize negative environmental impact.
  • All departments shall maintain full compliance with federal, state and local health, safety and environmental mandates and reporting requirements.

The mission of the BPA is to deliver quality utility services at fair rates to all customers and to expand and improve those systems for benefit of citizens of the Village of Lodi.

Board Trustees

  • Paul Emerson (President)
  • Don Gilbert
  • Christopher Ridenour

Board Clerk/Treasurer

Annette Geissman

Superintendent of Utilites

Tracy Haltrich

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