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For all emergencies, please dial 9-1-1

Lodi Village Police Stats

The Village of Lodi Police Department is comprised of six full-time and one part-time officer providing 24/7 protection to residents.  All Lodi peace officers are OPOTA trained and certified.   The Lodi Police Department has an average of 60 walk-ins (personal inquiries) and approximately 300 phone inquiries per month. The officers respond to or initiate an average of 720 calls per month.

During a 30 day period, our police vehicles drive between 2,250 to 2,700 miles.

Lodi Police Priorities

Daily Police Service

The number one activity performed by peace officers is the details that officers are assigned to do on a daily basis. They include; responding to calls for service, traffic law enforcement, testifying in court, transporting prisoners to and from the court, warrant service, lapel camera archiving, and scheduling.

Checking in on our neighbors

The second most common activity for the officers is building checks, business, industrial, and residential. Most business checks are completed when the business is closed; however, 1st and 2nd shifts drive through and by businesses on a regular basis. Residential checks are completed in an ongoing manner through proactive patrols.

Traffic Duty

The next most common activity is traffic enforcement. The police department averages 27 traffic stops per month, with 12 citations being issued.

Crimes do happen, even in Lodi

The most common call for service is property crime-related (theft, burglary, and vandalism), with a close second being domestic-related and drug issues. We also respond on a regular basis to barking or lose dogs, noise complaints, suspicious persons or cars, and neighbor disputes.


Our department motto is; “Courtesy, Service, and Courage”

Police Chief
Keith Keough

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